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Summary: Animals are shown doing different two different actions; snakes slither and snakes climb. Review: I love cut paper designs, and these are especially spectacular. The illustrations provide the texture and dimension of the animal they portray in different movements. I really enjoyed the way that the animals were were shown in two movements connecting them with another very different animal who moves the same way. The pictures make the book for me, but the text is more than adequate. I enjoyed the additional information in the back of the book providing factual information about each of the species featured. I fully agree with Susan Weitz in her review in School Library Journal when she describes it as gorgeous and educational. Betty Carter from the Horn Book Magazine makes a good point when she describes the text, each sentence visually echoes the action of the verbs. This is something I hadnt notices, but adds a nice touch. Reviews Cited:Susan Weitz. School Library Journal. New York: Jun 2006. Vol. 52, Iss. 6; pg. 136, 1 pgs Carter, Betty. Steve Jenkins and Robin Page Move!(Brief article)(Childrens review)(Book review). The Horn Book Magazine 82.3 (May-June 2006): 344(1).

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